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Now that we have shared with you our manifesto and vision on how we intend to lead the FSU into the future, we would like to know what you expect from us as the FSU Executive.

Tell us what you believe we should focus on, which issues should we address and prioritise?
Do you have suggestions for us on how we might best approach these issues?
Do you want to share proposals and potential solutions to issues surrounding our conditions of service ?

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Mark Polane

More than 25 Years working in United Nations Peacekeeping Operations all over the world have attributed to the creation of a multicultural, multifaceted, multi-skilled and creative problem solver, that finds technology solutions to address any challenge. Applying innovative approaches to improve the way things are done, never accepting the status quo. I love technology and am a pioneer and early adopter, finding ways to have technology make us do things better and help improve the world is my passion. My diverse life and work experiences have created an open-minded leader that is never afraid to try something new. I love to network and connect with like-minded people and consider myself to have great inter-personal skills. I am a strong communicator both verbal and written.