Recognising that “GSDM” is a reform initiative that will have widespread repercussions to our constituents, we will ensure to work closely with our management counterparts to make sure that the approved Special Mitigating Measures will be applied fair and transparent.

We will furthermore continue to work towards improved, clear, fair and transparent mechanisms for any mission downsizing that may occur.

Focussing among others on applying recruitment practices that give preferential considerations for internal applicants when downsizing occurs.

Allowing staff in the Field Service Category of staff to apply for Professional level positions if they meet educational and/or vocational as well as experiential requirements.

Allowing for lateral transfers to take place if possible.

As well as allowing opportunities for international staff to take on positions as 3rd country nationals on local GS level positions if available.

Mark Polane

More than 25 Years working in United Nations Peacekeeping Operations all over the world have attributed to the creation of a multicultural, multifaceted, multi-skilled and creative problem solver, that finds technology solutions to address any challenge. Applying innovative approaches to improve the way things are done, never accepting the status quo. I love technology and am a pioneer and early adopter, finding ways to have technology make us do things better and help improve the world is my passion. My diverse life and work experiences have created an open-minded leader that is never afraid to try something new. I love to network and connect with like-minded people and consider myself to have great inter-personal skills. I am a strong communicator both verbal and written.