Mark Polane is a Business Relationship Manager who works within the Regional Field Technology Service in Entebbe, Uganda. His United Nations career started in 1992 when he joined the United Nations Truce Supervision Organization (UNTSO) in Jerusalem as a Field Service Officer, (Radio Operator). His career path led him to work in various capacities mostly in Information & Communications Technology but also in Property/Assets management and supply as well as Human Resource management. From ’92 to 2000 he worked in UNTSO, MINURSO, UNPF and UNIKOM, returning to UNTSO, Jerusalem to assume the Presidency of the then called “Field Service Staff Union”, which under his leadership was expanded to incorporate representation of all International Staff in UN Peacekeeping, thus becoming the Field Staff Union. After completing two terms in office he returned to work within the ICT sector and subsequently worked in UNTSO, Jerusalem, UN-Headquarters, New York, UNGSC, Brindisi and finally UN-Entebbe, Uganda. He holds a Master’s of Science degree in International Management from the University of Liverpool.

Mark is passionate about Leadership, Technology, Human Rights and equality. He also has a passion for lifelong learning and is an avid reader. He has served on countless FSU Committees in various capacities championing staff causes throughout his 27-year career in the UN. He is a skillful negotiator, mediator and writer. He has an innovative mindset and big picture vision. He is philosophical and has a keen understanding of right and wrong, ethics and integrity, and communicates his thoughts and convictions clearly and passionately.

Mark is a citizen of the Netherlands, born in Belgium from two Dutch Parents. He grew up in a very small village in rural Netherlands. He speaks Fluent English, and manages somewhat in Spanish, Italian, Hebrew and a little bit of Arabic. As a young man of 16 years he joined the Royal Netherlands Navy, which charted his International adventure. He is happily married, and has two adult step-children and an 18 years old son.

He intends to lead the FSU by example, emphasizing integrity, honesty, and steadfast staff representation for all UN International staff working in UN Peacekeeping. He hopes to bring innovative solutions that are mutually beneficial to staff and the organization.