Liliya Galieva is the Head of the Field Office which deals with community rights, cultural heritage, returns and ad-hoc security incidents affecting non-majority communities in Kosovo West. Her United Nations career started in 2000, when she joined the UN Peacekeeping mission in Kosovo, followed by the establishment of UNMIK by SCR 1244 in June 1999.

As a Civil Affairs Officer she was privileged to work on different projects and in different locations in Kosovo. In Mitrovica North region she engaged in post-conflict reconstruction, humanitarian assistance and local capacity building through democratic elections.

In 2006 she was elected as Vice-Chairperson to the FSU committee in UNMIK where she faced many challenges since in that period difficult downsizing process took place in 2012 and 2013, when UNMIK FSU pushed the mission leadership to accommodate downsized staff to different missions, by writing a letter to the incumbent SG, Ban Ki Moon. Under her FSU committee leadership and assistance of the FSU executive in 2018, there was a review process of Hardship classification of duty stations in Pristina and Mitrovica which already took effect in January 2019.

Liliya holds three different university degrees (Linguistic and Law courses in Russia and Public Administration at Harvard University). She is a results-driven dedicated person who always listens to the needs of the people around her. She is passionate about helping and assisting others in any emerging case or difficult situation. Her personal commitment is continuous self-development in various aspects of life including family, professional skills and sports. Power yoga keeps her mind and body in sanity shape. Bicycling and hiking allow her to learn beauties of the surrounding nature. Moreover, her personal challenge was to raise up her son and orphan nephew, while being a remote-control mother and aunt.

Liliya is a citizen of Russian Federation. She is fluent in English, Serbo-Croatian and Albanian languages, while she manages to communicate in German and rusty Spanish as well.

She is looking forward to taking the challenge of representing all UN Field Staff in all field missions of the UN with pride and dignity, fighting for proper conditions of service and compensation for all hardship that our staff is encountering in peacekeeping missions worldwide.